Interview with a WW2 Veteran

This short interview gives us an insight into the harsh conditions WW2 servicemen had to face and also gives a personal touch to a historical event. Many thanks to veteran Jack Porter, who allowed us to film his stories and feelings, to share with the world.


Noughts And Crosses

This short film is based loosely on a scene from Malorie Blackman’s novel “Noughts and Crosses”. It was made as part of a module in the first year of my degree.


Manchester Sun

A 2 minute film created as part of the 24 Frames 24 Hours project. Shot vertically on an iPhone 5, the film is based on showing Manchester’s atmosphere and creativity.


Food For Thoughts

This short piece was filmed using an iPhone 5, with the in-built video camera and use of 6 second stop animation using the app “Vine”.


Area Code

This is a 30 second film, created on a mobile device. Shot on an iPhone 5, using a selection of Apps, the piece is showcasing the use of technology in mobile videos. This was part of the ‘Social Technologies’ module in my course.


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