My first ever experience of film making!

Back in my first year at uni, I was involved in the production of a short film as part of the ‘video production’ module. This was the first part of film-making I was ever involved in and it was a fantastic experience, especially due to the people I was working with.

The film itself is loosely based on a short scene from the novel ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman and features two of Salford University’s drama students. The film was shot during a two day period and was great fun, with lots of extra bloopers made on both days. 

This video is a good indication of how my knowledge of video production has grown since last year, as this almost feels quite amateur to projects I’ve been recently focused on. Nonetheless, I’m still happy with this film and the outcome we gained as a group project. Give a watch and see what you think 🙂