Re- making the audio for ‘Sintel

For the ‘Digital Audio Prouduction’ module my second year at uni, we were handed the task of re-creating all audio for a short film. In a group of four people, we stripped off the original score and started from scratch. I was involved in recording both in and out of the studio to make this film sound authentic. We used pro tools to place all the different sound effects and dialogue onto the correct parts of the film. Once the final soundtrack and all audio files were pieced together, we were incredibly happy with our outcome.

The film used is and open source film named ‘Sintel’ and is a fantasy based theme, with lots of opportunity for us to create some fantastic sounds. Check out what we came up with in the video below.


Creating a Radio Drama

Back in 2013, I was involved with a project based around Digital Audio Production. As a group, we were handed the task of creating a radio drama, lasting around five minutes. Our end result came to be a horror based drama, loosely drawn from the ‘Slenderman’ idea. The recording process involved capturing foley, dialogue, sound effects and synthesised audio. We were very happy with the final piece, so here it is for your listening pleasure!


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