Germany’s Stunning World Cup Win Over Brazil Is The Most-Tweeted Sports Game Ever

Such a fantastic match, I shared a few tweets myself at the time. A shame for Brazil to be so publicly humiliated, but Germany proved themselves a force to be reckoned with!!


For a long time yesterday, I couldn’t see any tweet in my regular feed that wasn’t in some way linked to the Germany/Brazil semifinal World Cup match – and apparently, I wasn’t alone. The devastating 7-1 victory by Germany was the most activity around a single sports game on Twitter ever (via THR), surpassing the Super Bowl from earlier this year.

Brazil’s routing garnered 35.6 million tweets during the game itself, and at peak volume, 580,166 people were tweeting about it at the same time. That compares to 24.9 million tweets during the Super Bowl, with a max frequency of 381,605 tweets per minute. The trouncing easily beat the next-most popular World Cup game on Twitter, which was the Brazil/Chile match from the earlier round of 16, with only 16.4 million tweets posted during the match.

As for the top moments during the game, the 5-0 score by Sami Khedira…

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